Crafty Coffee

As a partner of the Marten Brewpub (link), who brews up all kinds of flavorful, fresh and exciting Craft Beers right next door. The Naked Pig is proud to have a crafty brew of it’s own, the “Naked Pig Roast,” coffee line.  In house we have a full espresso bar or take a bag home of one of our Medium, Dark or Espresso roasts. Makes an excellent french press

The Buzz is True!!!  New Launch!!!


We’ve just released a brand new product, NITRO COFFEE!! Now on tap at the Naked Pig BBQ. Looks like a beer tastes like a coffee. Naturally sweet, less than 3 calories, Organic & Fairly Traded, served cold from the tap and cascades into a creamy white head. Who says that gourmet coffee has to be all grande soy lattes and caramel almond machiattos! Gourmet Coffee just got a little more macho!!

Nitro Coffee Naked Pig BBQ